Ways To Improve Ecommerce Delivery Services

What have your main problems been when shopping online? Experience and tales from others has told me time and time again that delivery is the number one complaint customers have. They either have not received their parcel, or it was sent on the wrong day and sent back to the post office or was really late. For shoppers this can be off putting, so as an ecommerce website that needs to keep custom and a good reputation, it’s vital that you maintain or create a high quality delivery service.

Whether your delivery service if free or not, customers will expect their parcel to be in their hands on the day you said so. If it is not, expect a customer complaint, which could lead to them asking for their money back or even taking away their custom completely.

Avoid too many customer complaints – there’s always going to be a few- by specifying upon your website your delivery policy and options beforehand, this way a customer knows what to expect from your service. A shipping policy will be most useful as it readily informs the customer on when items are dispatched and what their rights are for refunds. No customer, nor seller, wants to waste their time fighting over dispatch times and refunds, so always make sure your have a section in your cheap ecommerce website devoted to policies.

Next, incorporate pricing delivery options into your ecommerce website. You will have different pricing options depending on if your ecommerce website is national or worldwide. For instance, you may need to have options for the air travel, or delivery by post, as well as what class the package is going by (i.e. 1-2 days, 3-7 days etc). When creating delivery date choices, always leave an extra day in the estimate in case any problems occur – this will hopefully mean that your packages are delivered within the estimated boundary, leaving your customers happy rather than angry.

To be successful in the eyes of your customers, always ship the product out to them as soon as possible. Everyone hates waiting for that email that declares that the item has finally been shipped after waiting several days since you ordered. The faster the delivery the better the reviews you’ll get as well as repeat customers. Also make sure you use a reliable delivery service, which will deliver your product as soon as possible in the condition it was dispatched in, as well as offer services such as package tracking.

My last tip is to keep in contact with the customer as keeping them updated will help them know when to expect their package. Send an email out to tell them when the item was dispatched or when it will be, and then an estimated date for delivery. Also be honest with them and always contact them if there has been a stock or dispatch problem. Giving a more personal service such as this will not only feel more rewarding but will encourage positive feedback from customers.

Improving your service and online content on delivery will help your ecommerce business run far more smoothly, as well as provide a better service to your custom, thus increasing sales and improving your reputation.

Simple Yet Effective Tips For an eCommerce Website

eCommerce is the trading of products or services using the internet. eCommerce is rapidly increasing all over the world. It’s easy, simple, cost-effective, offers tons of varieties and no need to go out. There are many companies out there providing eCommerce solutions and many are really the best. But how one can differentiate between the best and the worst if he or she has no idea of it? No worries, there are simple yet effective tips for eCommerce websites, which can help the ones in need of reaching the best. Learn them and then go out to make your search for the best eCommerce solution provider and raise questions based on these effective tips for eCommerce websites:

Clear and well-crafted product details

Products and services with well-crafted descriptions are preferred by experts. The description may range from 75-200 words.

Adding high quality photos

When we talk about SEO, photos only have no value unless they have quality text with them. Photos of the products or services must be relevant, high quality, large in size and may include photos from different angles.

Best searching functionality

Keywords or key phrases are the elements use to search for a specific product or service. Use Google Keyword Tool or WordTracker to get the best results against the products or services.

Safe and secure

eCommerce means you may have to make payments online. The usual methods of making payments are PayPal, credit card, debit card and bank details. All methods need confidential details and many are reluctant to share these information online, unless the website guarantees safe and secure browsing and no misuse of that information.

Customer reviews

This is important. I would like to see the feedback from the previous customers and my decision may change as per the feedback. Encourage customers or clients to provide with feedback, reviews and suggestions.

Increasing customers’ confidence

How this can be done? By reviews, like said above and also add details like the return policy, payment options, delivery methods and dates and other product or service related queries. FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions are also very well-liked by customers and will for sure enhance the confidence.


Many will register with your eCommerce website, search your site, add items to the cart but then stop, they may not go further. This happens all the time and companies may wonder why this keeps happening again and again. You, being the service provider or the seller, can’t just ignore this but you will have to follow-up such customers. What made them to stop shopping, asking such question will give the picture of how serious you are with your business and how caring you are for your customers. Follow-ups will help many to return to their transaction and complete it.

Live chat

This is relatively a new technique to attract new customers and improve your business. Live chat will provide all the answers a customer is looking for and not only this but will get the answers to those not yet raised by the customer.

Contact information

Although, not most of the customers will make a call or send an email or a letter but it’s better to add a clear and complete contact information. Add an official contact number, a postal address and an email.

Ease the buying procedure

No one has the time to fill in long registration forms and then place an order, so it’s a very effective eCommerce tip to allow the customers to sign up using their Facebook, twitter or Google+ account. The ordering procedure can also be made easy by letting the customers to place an order without the need to sign up.

As more and more are now moving towards eCommerce, eCommerce websites must give the pleasure of ease and simplicity but safe methods of online shopping.

So, these are some of the common and easy to follow tips for having an effective eCommerce websites, and these can be used as a way to evaluate when choosing the best eCommerce solution provider.

How to Improve Your Business With an Ecommerce Website?

An Ecommerce website is the most lucrative way to sell your products online and building strong relationships with your clients and dealers. In actual fact, online selling of your products and services helps you treasure the needs and requirements of your potential clients in a much better way and thus motivating them to buy your products and services. Moreover, if your website is designed professionally, then it will surely encourage maximum of visitors to make purchase from your website and thus increasing your sales and revenue as well.

So if you are planning to launch an ecommerce website then make sure to hire a professional ecommerce website design company so that they provide you a professional website; through which you can approach your potential customers worldwide and offer them your products and services directly through internet.

A professional website design company will provide you with the most advanced features of an ecommerce website. Like, Shopping Cart System, Payment Gateways, Products Details Page, Order Confirmation and many more. Thus, allowing you to take orders from your clients online and delivering your products faster than the normal business routines.

However, it is worthless to have an ecommerce website with no traffic on it. If people are searching for your products and services and yet not finding your website on the top search engine results, then how can they make a purchase from your website? Hence, you also need to promote your website on the major search engines, so that your potential customers can easily find your website when they are looking for your products and services. But this is not a big concern, as you can hire any of the SEO services company available in the market and utilize their SEO services to promote your products and services on the internet.

A professional SEO company will promote your website on all the major search engines and employ their White Hat SEO techniques in order to increase natural search engine rankings of your website. Once your ecommerce website gets listed on the top SERPs (search engine results pages) then what you will get is bulks of business leads and increased sales revenue!